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Board of Directors

Managing Director

Mr Teo Teck Leong, aged 65, joined the Board on 9 July 2010 and was appointed as the Company’s Managing Director on 28 June 2011. He is currently a member of the Nominating and Remuneration Committees of the Company and also sits on the Board of Sin Hong and all of its subsidiaries (“Sin Hong Group”). Mr Teo stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of the Sin Hong Group on 1 October 2019. Mr Teo Teck Leong not only has a wealth of experience in the fastener and hardware business, clinching product agency and distributorship deals, but also has keen business acumen in relation to the acquisition of and investment in high-tech companies and other businesses.

Mr Teo Teck Leong started managing Sin Hong’s sales after joining the firm (known back then as Sin Hong Hardware & Engineering) in 1984. During which, he established two strategic business units – the Original Equipment Manufacturing and Export departments – to capture both the local and export markets. He also helped expand Sin Hong’s international sales to major markets such as United States of America, Europe, Malaysia and Indonesia. He further expanded Sin Hong Group’s business activities by adding product agency and negotiating distributorship deals.

Under the leadership of Mr Teo Teck Leong, the Group acquired a 57.48% stake in GD Tech (H.K.) Private Co., Ltd. in 2011, a company primarily engaged in high precision components and complex electromechanical assembly. In 2014, the Group acquired a 10% stake in the Espressif Group of companies, which specializes in wireless connectivity chipsets and software solutions.

Mr Teo Teck Leong holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accountancy from the Nanyang University of Singapore in 1979.

Executive Director and Chief Operating officer

Mr Teo Eng Thian, aged 51, joined the Board and appointed as an Executive Director since 15 October 2012. He also appointed as a member of the Audit Committee on 01 Feb 2018.

Mr Teo Eng Thian joined Sin Hong since 1996 & has more than 19 years of experience in fastener & hardware business. He was appointed as an executive director of Sin Hong on 8 September 2005, and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Sin Hong overseeing the manufacturing operations and supply chain for Sin Hong Group. He was appointed as a director of GD Tech on 28 March 2011 and sits on the board of all Sin Hong’s subsidiary.

Mr Teo Eng Thian graduated from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma of Accountancy in 1993.

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