Shinvest Holding Ltd. (“Shinvest” or the “Company”), was incorporated in 1989 and has been listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Limited since 13 October 1999. The Company underwent a corporate restructuring exercise approved by shareholders on 30 July 2009, which saw the company divesting most of its loss-making subsidiaries.


The Company returned to profit in 2010 after the acquisition of Sin Hong Hardware Pte Ltd (“Sin Hong”). Subsequently, in March 2014, the Company invested 10% equity interest in Espressif Group, comprising Espressif Incorporated, Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Pte Ltd and Espressif Microelectronics Wuxi Pte Ltd (“Espressif Group”). Over the years, Espressif Group had embarked on a series of restructuring and fund raising exercise. On 22 July 2019, Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Espressif Shanghai”) listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. As a consequence of these changes , the Company is now directly holding 6% of equity interest of Espressif Shanghai.

Sin Hong is an integral part of the manufacturing value chain providing a wide range of industrial fasteners and a specialist in Standard, Non-standard and Customised Fasteners. Sin Hong caters to customers with special parts or custom-made parts for assembly requirement in various industries manufacturing and also provide special services such as Ship-To-Stock program according to production delivery requirements by implementing supply Just in Time, Two Bins System,Kanban System and other logistic replenishment systems suited to customers requirement.

It serves both the domestic market and international market, countries coverage includes United States of America, Europe, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Espressif Shanghai is a fabless semiconductor design group, specializing in wireless connectivity chipsets and software solutions for tablets, TV boxes, Internet of Things (IoT), as well as wearable electronics applications, and focused on improving lives through innovation and collaboration. It is dedicated to provide high quality and highly integrated connectivity semiconductor solutions to clients worldwide. Users can now easily embed its WiFi solution, based on the latest silicon technologies, within other systems, with complete and extensive functionalities, minimal cost and small form factor.



Company Registration No. 198905519R

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